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Pandora Jewelry UK.

The history of the "fake jewelry", costume jewelery, runs up to the first attempts at independence in the early 18th century, largely Pandora parallel to the development of real jewelry, but begins only after the non-negligible longest period of our history, the Old Stone Age. We think Pandora Jewelry that might be interesting, the use of jewelry goes back to the beginnings of humanity. It has always been a deeply rooted human need to adorn themselves. It served jewelry, body painting and scarification not only practical and decorative purposes, but has always been proof of prosperity and social rank.

The most important find Pandora after 77,000 years old engravings of a Steinzeitsgraveurs is undoubtedly the collection of pierced and even colored snail shells, which are most likely connected to Pandora Jewelry a chain 75 000 years ago with a string. In addition to these very old finds from the Blombos cave on South Africa's Pacific coast, a Pandora Sale proliferation of personal jewelry pieces to the end of the Neolithic period is observed. All these found objects are grouped under the term Objet Trouvé that we millennia later meet in a modified form at Fashion jewelry again. Pandora Necklace Petrified Seelilienstielglieder, shells, bones, fish bones, teeth, snails and stones made ​​into necklaces and bracelets.

Even today, for example, in the Pandora Jewelry East African pastoralists of each exotic for a Central European gem has its specific meaning and reveals much about the wearer as tribal affiliation and age, war and love adventure. Every day, sit the nomads as already our ancestors a Pandora few hours under the trees and produce calmly real Objets Trouvé. The typical body painting and scarification put more emphasis on the slim and Great Shepherd. Such Stone Age Colliers were collected from different but very simple reasons. They should encourage fertility, protect against dangers of magic up that process power and valor proudly present, mark the first step in growing up and Pandora Sale of course grace our ancestors.

More and more people demanded revamped imitations of bygone eras at the expense of artistry Pandora. Towards the end of the 19th century there were calls to revive the craft and wanted to create new forms (Arts and Crafts Movement, England). It had to go back shapes and Pandora Jewelry colors in the art. Arthur Mackmurdo presented in 1883 a floral style that anticipated the ornamentation of Art Nouveau. It began the period of naturalism, which got its name from Siegfried Bing's shop in Paris: Art Nouveau (Jugendstil).

The decorative effect Pandora, the artistic design and thus the technical perfection stood in place of substantive value in the center. The goldsmiths selected glass, enamel, amber, mother of pearl, opal, horn, ivory, bronze, steel and copper for their work. Cells and pit enamel were Pandora Sale rediscovered. The designers stressed with their small works of art, the boundary between real jewelry and imitation jewelery on final. The line features were soft, pure and smooth shapes formed in a harmonious overall impression.

The subjects came from nature: animals, especially insects, snakes and fantastic sea creatures, plants such as Pandora Necklace thistles and roses, inspired by the Japanoismus, surrealistic hybrids of humans and animals and girls themselves. The pioneering René Lalique, Georges Fourquet and Henri Vever created the most imaginative and Pandora beautiful objects at all. Characteristic jewels are the dragonfly made ​​of gold, ivory, chrysoprase and windows email in the wings (Lalique) and a woman representation in ivory, gold leaves covered with baroque pearl and diamonds on the leaves frame (Hugo Schaper, Berlin).




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